It’s All Free for You

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Enjoy our “set menu” at All You Can Eat Restaurant.  Cook it yourself or a cooked one, it is free for you to choose.   We choose cozy restaurant so that you can spend quality time with your family, such an awesome experience that you won’t regret!


We know your hectic schedule, we do know that the only way you truly can release your stress is singing.   We have set a playground area that you can relax, sing, laugh and chat with your friends or beloved in a small room for 4 person in 2 hours.


Can you imagine how relaxing it would be, hang out at this cozy cafe with industrial interior style ? After a full week of busy hours at the office, thank God it’s Friday.   Take your backpack and go out to relax with your colleagues.   FREE drink and snacks is served while you spread out the loud in the atmosphere of brew coffee.


A selection of calm relaxing exercise to the most hard beat is available. You can choose either Yoga or Pilates, Zumba or Static Cycling to burn your excessive calorie. This service only available at Jakarta, but don’t worry, we will expand it to other big cities in short time.