Medical Assistance

When you are away from home and have medical problem, call us to assist you. Either you need guidance to lead you for emergency treatment or when you need evacuation to other place who has appropriate medical facilities to take care of you, we are ready to evacuate and repatriate you back to your home.

We do assist you when you are not in country, call us if you need any medical assistance before your departure or while you are abroad.


From the simplest question such as, “How to cure my cough?”, to the most difficult health queries like, “What is the best medical treatment plan for my cancer?”, will all be thoroughly explained by the professionals with simple easy-to-understand language.

Our hotline is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Call us any time and our resident doctor will still be here to answer your questions.


This service is specially offered to the family member who need a shoulder to rest on. Parenting consultation or youths having problem with school, parents or even relationships.

Fear no more, dial our hotline to be connected with our resident psychologist who will listen and five constructive advice.

Second Medical Opinion

When you or your beloved is diagnosed to have serious illness, request for this service to ensure that you have obtain the accurate and appropriate diagnosis before you undergo any treatment plan.

It is issued by the most reputable medical institutions in the world, issued in writing, and electronically signed by doctor on the hospital letterhead to ensure that your diagnosis has been taken after reviewed by a very competence specialist.